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Canada, Environmental Protection, the European Union and CETA

The latest CETA agreement being signed by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, poses a major advancement in relations and economic ties between Canada and the European Union. However, my hope and wish is for real and steadfast advancement in terms of the Environment in Canada. Alberta and its Tar Sands represents a huge economic sector for the Canadian economy. However, it is also a looming shadow over the Canadian image of neutrality, peace, and the great Canadian shield and wilderness. The liberals will need to make some improvement in order to impress the Europeans as far as the Tar Sands are concerned. Moderation of oil output, cleaner extraction processes and safeguards against unwanted consequences of the dirty oil extraction going on there should be paramount. Let’s hope real progress will be made and that the Europeans will put pressure on our government to follow suit and make one of the dirtiest types of oil extraction processes in the world (i.e. Athabasca and the Tar Sands) a little more environmentally conscious.






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