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Moreland Community Solar Project Looking For A Roof and Interested Individuals

Moreland community solar

As we have reported previously, solar electricity panels are sprouting on roofs all around the country. However, not everyone has the ready cash, or a suitable roof space, to install solar. That’s where community solar comes in. Instead of having your own small solar array, you can invest in a larger communally-owned facility. This model has been used successfully in many communities worldwide. The photo shows a community solar installation on a church roof in the appropriately named town of Greenbelt, (Maryland, USA). Closer to home, Hepburn Wind has applied the same model to a wind-power facility.
The Moreland Community Solar project is an initiative of Climate Action Moreland (CAM) and supported by MEFL, to establish a medium-scale solar photovoltaic array in the Moreland community. The solar panels will be installed on the roof of a local building.
Project capital costs will be funded by members of the community in a cooperative-type arrangement, for which investors will receive a return. The project supports the generation of locally produced renewable energy.

Community involvement

The project supports the generation of locally produced renewable energy. The Moreland Community Solar project will offer Moreland community members the chance to make a significant, collective contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Community members will be able to purchase shares in the project and receive returns on their investment.  Importantly, the board of Moreland Community Solar will be made up of those who have invested in the project.

We need a roof

Moreland Community Solar is currently seeking a business partner to form an agreement with to host the solar panels on their roof. The roof owner will buy the power generated by the panels at an agreed price, and ideally will use all of the power on site.   Moreland Community Solar will install panels on their roof at no cost and will take responsibility for maintenance. If your business is interested in hosting, feel free to get in touch.
The Moreland Community Solar Project will:
●    Reduce greenhouse emissions in the Moreland municipality
●    Provide an inclusive opportunity for community investment in and ownership of solar energy.
●    Increase community awareness about the viability of solar energy compared to traditional generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many panels will there be?
    Initial nominal size of 100 kW which is around 400 panels, and 1000 square metres. This is equivalent to the power used by approximately 30 to 40 homes.
  • Who will own the solar panels?
    They will be owned by the Moreland Community Solar project.
  • What will be the price of the power generated?
    The price for the electricity will be negotiated between Moreland Community Solar and the power user. We expect it will be competitive with green power.
  • What are the benefits for the business?
    Buying renewable energy not only benefits the environment but is also a way to protect against the rising costs of polluting power. Involvement in the project will boost community links and lower the business’ emissions profile.

How you can get involved

  1. Join our working group – we are seeking new volunteers. Everyone welcome!
  2. Give expert advice – we need legal, technical and accounting advice.
  3. Know any green businesses in Moreland? We are seeking a host site.
  4. Join our mailing list and promote our project to your friends and volunteers.
For more information contact Ellen on 0408 583 694 or via email, or call MEFL on 9385 8585.

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