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More Wind Means More Money for Residents and Other Local Projects in Udny, Scotland

Turbine blows in cash windfall for community

A WIND turbine has earned more than £120,000 for a North-east town since it spun into action a year ago.

The Udny Community Turbine in Udny Green is the first community-owned wind mast on the Scottish mainland.
The £1.45 million scheme has helped pay for a series of projects in Pitmedden and Udny.
Brian McDougall, chairman of the Udny Community Trust, is responsible for distributing the money in the area.
He said: “We predicted the turbine would generate £100,000 in income.
“The first year has seen us do better than expected thanks to it being a windy winter.”
Since 2011, the Trust has given £40,000 to good causes and now has £80,000 in the bank.
The turbine is expected to generate up to £5m in profit over 20 years – the equivalent of £2,000 for every person in Udny.
Electricity generated by the turbine is bought by energy company SmartestEnergy.
The Trust has spent £7,500 on floodlighting for Udny Tennis Club, £5,000 on improvements at Udny Bowling Club and bought an iPad for a local playgroup.
The turbine has also helped pay for Christmas lights and a vehicle for amateur first-aiders Pitmedden First Responders.
Requests for less than £500 are decided by the Trust, while those for more than £500 are assessed by a group made up of community members.
Iain Robertson of SmartestEnergy said the scheme demonstrates the potential of renewable energy for local communities.
He said: “After many years of hard work in getting the turbine up and running, it is great to see the money generated now having an impact across our community.”

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