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Slinford Elementary School in West Sussex Hold ‘Green Ribbon’ Cutting Ceremony For Solar System

Slinfold solar panel ceremony

Monday 19 November 2012

The opening ceremonyPublished on Sunday 18 November 2012 21:00

The opening ceremony
Pupils at Slinfold CE Primary School enjoyed a wonderful day of creative activities celebrating the great outdoors and entitled ‘Around the World in 180 minutes’.
The activities involved celebrating cultures from different parts of the world.
During the morning children were busy in the school’s Environmental Area making bean soup, heated over an open fire. Later on all the children gathered in the school hall for a Mexican festival where every child hit a piñata and subsequently collected their own bag of sweets!
The highlight of the day on October 24, however, involved the cutting of a green ribbon to mark the opening of their new and long awaited solar panel.
Jane Sayers, school business manager, was given the honour of cutting this ribbon, in recognition of over four years hard work arranging its installation. This included gaining planning permission and then sourcing funding for the project, with the Community Sustainable Energy Programme awarding National Lottery funds to pay 50 per cent of the cost of the panels.
Children in school have been very busy learning about the benefits of having solar panels,
‘As far as I know, Slinfold school is the only school in the area to have a solar panel at the moment’, said Hannah Durrant, Year Six. Tom Cartner, also in Year Six added,’We are doing this to lower the price of our electricity bill and to be an ‘eco friendly’ school. When the sun shines we get power in the solar panels and it is converted into electricity and other unused electricity will be sent to other people all over England.’
Both Hannah and Tom help to run the school’s Green Dragon Team which meets regularly to promote green issues around the school.
Presently Slinfold School is awarded a ‘Green Flag’ for their environmental work which includes monitoring and reducing energy consumption; recycling fruit and vegetable waste in their gardens and acting as a nursery, growing young trees which will soon be re-planted around the village.
‘We are very much looking forward to measuring our electricity consumption from now on’, remarked Mrs Jane O’Donnell, Eco Co-ordinator. ‘This data will be analysed in Science and Maths lessons so that the pupils can see for themselves how Slinfold School is reducing energy consumption.’

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