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Trinidad Funds Solar Powered Community Centre in Bunsee Trace, Penal

Solar powered community center for Bunsee Trace, Penal

October 24, 2012:  

Residents of Bunsee Trace, Penal are soon to benefit from a solar powered community center which will not only afford them a state-of-the art recreational facility but one which will be environmentally friendly.
Minister of Community Development Winston “Gypsy” Peters made the announcement as he continued his toured community centers in south Trinidad.
The pilot project, noted Peters, would serve as a model for environment preservation.
“This facility will not only be environmentally friendly, but will also be properly outfitted and will provide the necessary space for education and recreational activities for both the present and future generations of Penal,” he stated.
Peters said one of the major benefits of the solar powered community center would mean an overall reduction in electricity bills.
On assumption of the Community development portfolio, Peters has continued to tour community facilities in an attempt to not only familiarise himself with the physical structures.
Under the Community Centers Construction Programme the ministry has the mandate of constructing state of the art community facilities throughout the country.
Peters has indicated his intent to refurbish at least 38 centers for fiscal year 2013 at a cost of $29.7 million. At present 23 centers are being completed across the country, while ten new centers, he said, are to be constructed in the coming year.
Peters, along with Permanent Secretary Donna Ferraz and a team of technical officers, also toured the Hermitage, Golconda and La Romaine Community Centers, as well as the Ste Madeleine Regional Complex.

Source: Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (

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