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Caroline County Develops Eastern Maryland’s Largest Public School Solar Project

Largest public schools solar project on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

    School officials from Caroline County, Maryland, USA, joined representatives from Washington Gas Energy Systems and Kenyon Energy to unveil plans for the largest public school affiliated solar project on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
    The project, which includes three ground-mounted solar systems, will have an expected annual energy output of 2,800MWh.
    The solar arrays will provide power to the Caroline Career and Technology Center (CCTC), North Caroline High School, Colonel Richardson Middle and High Schools as well as Greensboro Elementary School, all located within the Caroline County Public School District.
    Dr. Khalid Mumin, superintendent of Caroline County Public Schools, said: “Today, we are pleased to dedicate these three solar projects which, in total, have created the largest public school affiliated solar project on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. These arrays will provide clean, renewable energy to our classrooms, as well as help improve our local air and water quality. In fact, over 30 years, this solar project will allow us to reduce greenhouse gases equal to the planting of nearly 326,450 trees.”
    Washington Gas Energy Systems will own and operate the systems, which were built with no upfront costs to the schools through a power purchase agreement. The arrays were designed and installed by Kenyon Energy.
    The three arrays of 919kW (CCTC and North Caroline High School), 796kW (Colonel Richardson Middle and High Schools) and 315kW (Greensboro Elementary), combined create a 2.03MW ground-mounted system consisting of 8,288 solar panels.
    Sanjiv Mahan, Vice President of Business Development for Washington Gas Energy Systems, said: “We thank Caroline County Public Schools and its Officials for their environmental stewardship and support of this solar initiative, one that is in keeping with our mission to invest in the development of renewable energy assets.
    “We also recognize and appreciate the commitment of the County Commissioners, local community, contractors and Kenyon Energy. Their dedication played a significant role in the ability to complete this substantial solar project. Over the last three years, WGL Holdings, Inc. has invested more than US$92 million into the development of solar generation nation-wide and US$40 million in Maryland.”
    Now completed, the arrays can be seen on the properties surrounding the schools and will be used as teaching instruments within the schools.

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