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Nature Center Receives Illinois Grant To Offset Electricity Costs Through Solar System

Nature center going solar

October 4 2012

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has approved $46,800 in grant funding for installation of a solar photovoltaic roof panel system at the Frankfort Square Park District’s Island Prairie Nature Center.

The IslPrairie Nature Center will receive solar photovoltaic ropanel system. | Supplied Photo
The Island Prairie Nature Center
will receive a solar
photovoltaic roof panel system.
| Supplied Photo
The system will offset the energy usage of the nature center building by providing 100 percent of its electrical power, park district officials said. The system design consists of 65 240-watt PV panels, providing 15.69 kW-DC; three inverter panels converting DC to AC; and monitors that will track and display real-time and cumulative energy savings, officials said.
Residents will have access to the monitoring system via a link to the park district’s website once the project is complete, interconnection with the district’s utility provider is established, and the system begins operation.
In addition, thanks to the passage of a Will County ordinance on the issuance of wind turbine permits, the Frankfort Square Park District will install a Honeywell wind turbine at the Island Prairie Nature Center site, located directly adjacent to the park district’s administration building.
“The intent of these improvements is threefold: to decrease energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint, and educate the public on the benefits of clean energy and how they can adapt the process in their own homes,” district officials said in a news release.

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