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Staffordshire Church’s Solar Project To Reduce Electricity Bills

Church looks to the heavens for savings

A STAFFORD church is using solar power to slash its energy bills as part of a raft of measures aimed at going green.
Eco-conscious St Peter’s in the Rickerscote area has installed 28 solar panels on its roof, a move that will aim to cut its electricty bill by 25 per cent.
The church will now also be able to take advantage of a Government-backed scheme to reward small-scale low carbon electricity generation.
It means it can raise cash by selling surplus electricity to the national grid, known as the Feed in Tariff.
The church expects to see an annual revenue of more than £1,000 from it.
The panels were installed as part of the Stafford Area Community Solar Discount scheme, a partnership between the Stafford Borough Council, Sustainability Matters and MEB Total Ltd.
It is also part of the Penkside Project which aims to bring environmental, community and economic benefits to the area.
The council hopes the scheme at St Peter’s will showcase the benefits of solar energy to other organisations, churches and faith groups in the area.
Father Graham Bott of St Peter’s said: “The reduction in our energy costs will be welcome as it means we shall be able to re-direct the money saved to our work in being the church at the heart of the community.”
The solar scheme is one of a number of initiatives the church community has introduced – including insulation in the community centre roof, parking installed for bicycles, and ‘Wildlife Activity’ days.

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