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India’s Kerala Government Offers Individuals and Local Businesses Share In 8 Small Hydro-Power Schemes

Kozhikode a major stop for renewable energy schemes

Eight small hydro power schemes mooted

In a bid to enhance power generation, the Small Hydro Promotion Cell of the Energy Management Centre, attached to the Department of Power, has proposed eight small hydro-power schemes in Kozhikode district.

Some of these projects, already showcased at Emerging Kerala, which concluded in Kochi on Friday, have been envisaged to attract investors through the ‘Independent Power Producer’ and the ‘Captive Power Producer’ initiatives.
These have been made available to entities ranging from individual, company, partnership firm, or a joint venture for a maximum capacity of 25 megawatts (MW) on a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) basis for a maximum concession period of 30 years from the date of allotment.
The eight projects are, Onipuzha proposed at the Onipuzha river basin; Kakkadampoyil (stage I) at Chaliyar river basin; Kakkadampoyil (stage-II) at Chaliyar; Arippara at Chaliyar; Pathankayam at Iruvanchipuzha; Anakkampoyil at Iruvanchipuzha; Kuliramutty at Perumboola; and Muthappanpuzha at Iruvanchipuzha.
Detailed project reports have been prepared for Onipuzha, Kakkadampoyil-stage I and stage II, Arippara, and Pathankayam projects. Detailed investigations have been done for Pathankayam and Anakkampoyil; preliminary investigation for Kuliramutty; and feasibility study for Muthappanpuzha.
The installed capacity and annual energy generation planned for Onipuzha is 1.50 MW and 3.16 million units (Mu) respectively; Kakkadampoyil-stage I: 21 MW and 52.22Mu; and Kakkadampoyil stage II: 11 MW and 19.87Mu; Arippara: 3 MW and 10 Mu; and Pathankayam: 4 MW and 10.62 Mu; Anakkampoyil: 6.75 MW and 21.98 Mu; and Kuliramutty: 3MW and 6.58 Mu; and Muthappanpuzha: 1.50 MW and 3.59Mu.
As many as 57 schemes have been proposed in many districts, including Idukki, Wayanad, Kasaragod, and Kannur, to harness green energy from natural resources. A total of 165.49 MW and 443.35 Mu are expected from them, officials said.
The State has a non-conventional energy potential of approximately 1,715 MW. The share of small hydro projects is 700MW and that of wind is approximately 605 MW. Solar roughly has a share of 310 MW and bio-mass has 300 MW, they said. The cumulative installed capacity of small hydro projects is 133.87 MW till March 2011, though the State has been promoting such development since 1992. The government has decided to create a favourable ambience for public, private, and community participation.

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