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Guyana Government Donates Solar Panels To Schools and Health Centres

Gov’t distributes solar panels

Published on Saturday, 15 September 2012 21:09
The Guyana Government recently distributed solar panels to several schools and health centres along the Berbice River.

Community members expressed gratitude for the contribution.
“For six years, I’ve been asking for a lighting system in general because you have patients normally come in the night and I have to use a torch light so I think this will help me more to work more efficiently” a community member said.
“I want to say thanks to Mr. Wittaker and members of the local government for continuing to work towards our Amerindian development” said another community member.
oupiytAmong the institutions that benefitted are the Kimbia, Hururu and atonement health centres and the IBINI primary school.
Government has been working to improve the education system, health care services and potable water supply in the communities.
A multipurpose centre, a well and a playfield were recently constructed.
Toshao for Wairuni, Mr. King spoke of government’s effort in this regard.
The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs was tasked with the distribution of the 1,000 (15-watt) solar panels to Amerindian communities in 2011.
Source: NCN Guyana (

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