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Preston City Council in England Going Ahead With 9 MW Wind Project

City wind project gets go-ahead

13 Aug 2012, 16:44
Preston City Council has approved its own planning application for an 80-metre test wind turbine at a site on the banks of the River Ribble.
The test turbine will be erected on council-owned land in the coming weeks and the findings analysed to see if the site is suitable for three 100-metre 3MW wind turbines at the same site.
The three-turbine wind project proposal is to generate green electricity for Preston with the surplus being sold to the National Grid and any income generated ploughed back into Council services.
The three 3MW wind turbines would be enough to power thousands of homes with green electricity.
Cllr Robert Boswell, cabinet member for the environment, said: “As a council we are committed to this project and serious about renewable energy.
“If successful this wind project will not only create an income stream for Preston and its residents but it will create economic opportunities for the city and provide green electricity.
“We hope that the 80m temporary test mast will yield good results in terms of wind speeds and feasibility.
“It might take up to a year before we know we have the right location but this is a long term commitment and one the Council is keen to invest in for the considerable benefits that it will bring.”
The test mast will remain on the site for several months to allow a feasibility study to take place to ensure the site is suitable.
There will be a community-wide consultation process with residents receiving information about the project before the planning process for the turbines begins.

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