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Fiji’s Department of Energy Installs 2,400 Solar Home Systems in Partnership with the Government of Japan

Solar powers North Homes

The Department of Energy has successfully completed installing 2,400 solar home systems in the Northern Division at a cost of $5.2million.

Solar home systems have been installed in villages such as Cawaro, Vunikodi, Druadrua, Qaranivai and the Dreketi irrigation community.

The installation of solar home systems in the maritime region particularly in the Lau group will also begin soon.

Director Energy, Peceli Nakavulevu said the installation of solar home systems in the maritime region will be provided through the assistance of the Japanese government.

“The Pacific Environment Community Fund is a commitment by the Government of Japan to support project with the focus on the provision of solar power generation systems”, Mr Nakavulevu said.

“Through Japanese aid, $4 million will be provided for the installation of solar home systems in rural schools and homes”.

Mr Nakavulevu also added that the department had this year introduced a new payment system for households, in which they were required to pay $14 per month.

“The new payment system requires villages and rural communities that are not situated near a post office to choose a representative who will be able to collect payment of 6 months on behalf of the villages”, Mr Nakavulevu said.

“The department then provides a safe receipt book to the village representative, in most instances it is the Turaga ni Koro (village headman)”.

Solar home systems are the only economical answer to remote rural electrification.

The director added that the system is environmentally clean and the technology simple and applicable.

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