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Cash Incentives for Orange, CA Residents Willing To Go Solar

Orange residents encouraged to go solar

A new program provides cash incentives to residents who switch to solar power

BY CAITLIN ADAMSPublished: August 03, 2012 01:30 PM

Sullivan Solar, a Southern California solar power installation company, will launch a new solar rebate program in Orange beginning next week. The program invites residents to sign up and commit to installing a solar power system in their home, reducing carbon emissions and dependence on local power grids, and receive cash incentives in return.

The company has just completed a solar rebate program in Huntington Beach. A total of 19 resident joined the program, signing a commitment to install solar systems in their homes. The company will pay more than $40,000 for a total of 126,263 watts of clean energy committed during the program.

One of the H.B. locals who signed up to install a solar system for his home was Patrick Brendan. Brendan said he made the decision to ease the strain of rising energy bills from Southern California Edison.

“Our electric bill has averaged $350 per month, and we are constantly pushing into the upper tiers of Southern California Edison’s pricing matrix,” said Brendan. “We were very motivated by the cost reduction and rate increase containment that our new solar system will help us realize.”

Sullivan’s program offers cash incentives for homeowners and businesses to go solar, with three levels of rewards at three levels of community participation in the program. Early adopters are eligible for the highest reward level; after program participation reaches 50,000 watts, or ten homes, the next reward phase is activated. The third level is reached at the 100,000-watt mark. The program will reach total participation at 500,000 watts, limited to 60 homes, and will end on Nov. 5.

Residents can participate with no up-front costs. The Huntington Beach program’s most popular option proved to be lease financing, which required no down payment on system installation. Sullivan reports that homeowners with an average electricity bill of $260 per month would pay $137 for the same power on a solar system.

“Our solar programs are designed in a manner that financially encourage the entire community to go solar,” said Dustin Urquhart, director of Orange County operations at Sullivan Solar Power, “The vision is to lead a solar energy revolution where we shift our dependence from foreign fossil fuels to renewable resources.”

The solar rebate program launches in Orange Aug. 6. Sullivan Solar will host a free luncheon and public information event on Aug. 25 about the program and how homeowners can participate.

The state of California offers information and incentives for homeowners who install solar power systems through the California Solar Initiative. Visit here for more information.

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