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Spiritual Center in Pasadena,CA Installs Solar Panels

Spiritual center installs solar panels

ByKevin Smith, SGVN

PASADENA – Shumei America, a spiritual center that promotes a joyful world free of strife and pain, will soon feel a little less pain with its monthly electric bills.

The Pasadena center, at 2430 E. Colorado Blvd., has completed the installation of 177 roof-mounted solar panels that are expected to reduce Shumei’s reliance on city-provided power by about 83 percent.

The Mitsubishi electric photovoltaic modules were installed on the center’s 8,479-square-foot Shumei Hall and on the 11,159-square-foot, two-story administration building by Sun Integration, based out of Tarzana.

“We started talking about solar panels around October of last year and they started installing them in June,” said Sandra Traverso, Shumei’s officer manager. “Sun Integration basically had the best price and they also seemed to have the most experience.”

The cost for the panels and installation was $188,893. But the Shumei center received an energy rebate of $77,325 from the city of Pasadena, reducing the overall cost to $111,568.

The 45-kilowatt solar array compliments Shumei’s vision of creating a healthy and beautiful world through spirituality, the arts and environmental sustainability.

“We’re not doing this just to save money,” said George Bedell, who serves as a creative director with the center. “We really want to do outreach to the community and get other people interested in installing solar panels on a smaller basis.”

Bedell said homes and small businesses can also save money while helping the environment by using solar systems for a portion of their power.

“All of these little efforts will make the biggest difference,” he said.

Seta Alexanian, Sun Integration’s production manager, said the installations her company does save businesses an average of $24,000 over a 25-year period.

And she said Misubishi makes some of the best panels on the market.

“You just say `Mitsubishi’ and the name sells itself,” she said. “Our installers have been installing them for many years. With some of the other manufacturers, the frame will come off. But these have a very sturdy frame.”

Shumei America in Pasadena serves as the national headquarters for all of the Shumei centers in North America. Shumei also has centers in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Phillipines, Sao Paulo, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Shumei is a spiritual organization committed to furthering an ideal state of health, happiness and harmony for all of mankind by applying the insights of founder Mokicki Okada.

Shumei America will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 12 to celebrate completion of solar panel installation. The event is not open to the public.

Source: Pasadena Star News (

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