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Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative (Ireland) Share Offer Launches June 25

Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative

Share Offer Launching 25th June 2012

Energy Prospects Co-operative is supporting the Drumlin Wind Energy project. And we are absolutely delighted to be involved with an energy co-op in Northern Ireland. It has all happened very quickly but we are hoping there will be a new share offer launched on the 25th June this year – that’s very soon indeed. The new co-op will own and run initially up to 5 (and later possibly more) small (250kW) turbines, each on a separate site, in two counties of the province. The turbines will operate under N. Ireland’s equivalent of the feed-in tariff, and it is expected that the shares will qualify for the 30% Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief.  
Energy4All are co-operating with the Co-op Group and other enthusiastic supporters in the province and obviously most of the publicity will be over there, but we are sure there will be many members in England, Scotland and Wales who will be keen to support this new venture. The share offer will, like all Energy4All share offers, be approved by an  FSA-authorised lawyer and if the launch is as much of a success as we hope, then I am sure you will join us in welcoming a new, and slightly ‘different’, member to our family of co-ops.
All 5 initial sites have planning permission and the offer is seeking to raise the money to purchase the turbines and construct each site.
Energy Prospect members will be given a priority to shares if the offer is over subscribed. A Share Offer document will be available for download on the website from 25th June. In the meantime you can register your interest in receiving a copy of the document by registering your interest here. The document will be automatically emailed to you when available.  But if you would prefer a hard copy please email
Source: Energy Prospects (

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