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Brighton Energy Co-operative Expands to Shoreham Point

Shoreham Port joins Brighton Energy Co-operative

SHOREHAM Port has joined a locally-grown renewable energy scheme.
The port is one of four sites where Brighton Energy Co-operative (BEC) is installing solar panels.
The aim of the scheme is to produce enough energy to power 40 homes and businesses and save 1,085 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
The combined size of the solar panels will be more than 2,500 square metres – the equivalent of about half a football pitch.
Installation has already started at the port’s Hove Enterprise Centre. Electricity will feed into a supply serving the centre and the facilities of Aldrington Marina.
Development director Peter Davies said: “We think there are considerable opportunities for the port to play its part in seeing renewable energy in the area, and we are very keen to work with local groups and companies to achieve that.
“We’re working very hard on a number of issues to reduce our carbon footprint and using solar panels to generate electricity is a great step forward.”
Damian Tow, from the energy co-operative, said he wanted the enterprise centre to act as a “showcase” for joint business and community projects.
“Hove Enterprise Centre is ideally located for solar panels, being south facing and un-shaded,” he said.
“Shoreham Port’s ambitions to develop renewable energy and service the Rampion Wind farm fits with BEC’s aim to install community owned solar PV across the city.”

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