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Liverpool (UK) School Raises 10,000 For New Eco Classroom Through Crowdfunding and energyshare Grant

Chester’s Upton Heath School Raises 10,000 For New Eco Classroom 
By Marielle Roux, Tue 29 May 2012
A fantastic project to build an eco classroom at Upton Heath School, Chester, has just hit its funding target of £5,000 on and was match-funded by energyshare – unlocking £10k of funding for the project!

‘The Hive’ is a solar powered classroom project which started a fund raising bid on, a crowdfunding website, to raise £5k. Parents and friends of the school got together to raise £5k with the aim of hitting target by June 1, in which case energyshare would match-fund its target.

“The parents and partners at the school were delighted when we hit target – they were hugging each other in the corridors. However we still have to raise another £8k to raise ideally, and a week to go, so would love others to contribute on,” said Headteacher, Paula Moreton.

“The Hive will deliver our core purpose of providing the best learning education experience possible, and the funding will accelerate us towards that goal. We are thrilled with the way it has brought the community together and delivered a fantastic result.”, from KEO Digital, the makers of River Cottage, Fish Fight and energyshare, allows people to make pledges of cash in return for rewards. Once a project hits its funding target the cash is released and the project gets its funding. No cash leaves people’s accounts until the target is reached.

energyshare is the UK’s leading platform for community renewable energy projects, from Keo Digital. energyshare announced a National competition to have renewable energy projects match-funded on 6 weeks ago. The Hive is one of the first successes.

“We are delighted that The Hive project has had such success. It’s a fantastic project which has brought the community together to back a great idea and allowed the parents to make a real difference. We would encourage other schools to look at as a great way to raise money for projects,” said KEO Digital, MD, Nick Underhill.

Source: Click Liverpool (–chester%5Cs-upton-heath-school-raises-10,000-for-new-eco-classroom.html)

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