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Alaska Native Tribes Receive DOE Assistance For Clean Energy Projects

Alaska Native Tribes Receive DOE Assistance For Clean Energy Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Denali Commission – an independent federal agency designed to provide infrastructure and economic support throughout Alaska – have announced that five Alaska Native Tribes have been selected to receive technical assistance to accelerate clean energy project development and advance energy self-sufficiency and job creation in these communities.

The DOE and the Denali Commission also announced a partnership to pursue collaborative clean energy projects in rural Alaska.

Through the DOE’s Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) program, the five Alaska Native communities selected for technical assistance will conduct community-based planning and training and implement a variety of clean energy projects, including renewable energy deployment, energy-storage infrastructure and housing energy efficiency.

Through the START program, the DOE and National Laboratory experts will work directly with community-based teams to evaluate project financial and technical feasibility, provide ongoing training to community members and help implement initiatives that save money by saving energy, the DOE explains.

Among the communities selected for clean energy assistance is the Organized Village of Kake, which will receive assistance to help develop a community energy plan; relocate a wind met-tower closer to the village; conduct biomass and hydro generation feasibility studies; install a PV system; identify bulk diesel improvements; and initiate residential energy-efficiency activities.

A full list of the communities receiving technical assistance can be viewed here.

Source: NA Windpower

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