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Murrieta’s Solar Program Launches To Help Region Declare Energy Independence (California, USA)

Murrieta’s Solar Program Launches To Help Region Declare Energy Independence Program Participants Can Get Paid to Go Solar for $0 Upfront

MURRIETA – In just one hour, the sun casts enough energy on the Earth’s surface to provide the entire world with electricity for one year. In Murrieta, the unique microclimate results in an abundance of solar radiation throughout the year with an average high temperature over 88 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. The ample amount of sunlight makes Murrieta an ideal location for solar power. Sullivan Solar Power announced recently its latest initiative to take advantage of Murrieta’s sunshine and encourage more solar deployment in the city. The newly launched Murrieta’s Solar Program offers property owners the opportunity to get paid to go solar through August 20, 2012. Participants can go solar for $0 upfront, eliminate their electric bills and receive the Murrieta Solar Program cash-back incentive valued up to twice the amount of the State rebate.
Regionally headquartered solar provider Sullivan Solar Power ran a similar community incentive program in Temecula earlier this year, which resulted in over 375,000 Watts of clean, renewable energy committed to being installed in Temecula. The program provided the city its largest collective deployment of residential solar in the history of Temecula. “We just wrapped up a similar citywide incentive program in Temecula, which has resulted in our company giving over $200,000 in cash-back incentives, and providing the same opportunity to Murrieta residents just seemed like the most logical progression to creating a stronger solar region,” said Daniel Sullivan, president of Sullivan Solar Power.
Sullivan explained that his company’s vision is transition the region from foreign fossil fuels and dirty energy to clean, renewable, proven solar technology. The program is modeled similarly to that of Temecula’s in that it encourages the creation of a critical mass. The more residents that sign up, the greater the cash rewards are for all program participants. “Going solar is a no brainer; the homeowner saves money, it supports our regional and national economies, it preserves our environment,” said Sullivan, “and then here is the kicker – we are actually going to pay you to do it.”
To learn how to participate in the Murrieta Solar Program, residents are encouraged to attend a free luncheon on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 12 p.m. at the Murrieta Public Library (24700 Adams Avenue). The seminar and will cover solar technology, rebates and incentives, case studies and the Murrieta Solar Program. Seminar will last approximately one hour and lunch is provided. RSVP by calling 1-800-SULLIVAN. For additional information, visit

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