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Welland, ON to Install Solar Panels on Municipal Buildings

Solar panels to be planted across Welland

By Allan Benner, The Tribune

WELLAND – Three new solar panel projects could be underway in Welland by this fall, if the provincial government approves them.
City council has approved adding solar panels to the roof of Welland Hydro’s 950 East Main St. office, to Welland Recreational Canal Corp. property at the end of Quaker Rd. and on city-owned property on Woodlawn Rd. near Holy Cross Cemetery.
Welland Hydro chief executive officer Ross Peever told The Tribune this week that it could be a few months before the projects progress.
Although the projects had previously been submitted to the province for consideration under the Green Energy Act Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, he said those projects needed to be re-submitted as a result of changes to the provincial government program.
“We expect that probably by this fall we’ll have the approvals needed to go ahead,” Peever said.
City council’s approval will add to the project’s score when being assessed by the province.
“We’re really looking forward to getting those projects up,” Peever said. “We’ve been working on those for some time so we’re anxious to get them done.”
The projects include rooftop solar panels at the Welland Hydro office capable of producing 150 kilowatts of electricity, while the solar panels on Woodlawn Rd. will produce five megawatts and the project planned for the WRCC property will produce 10 megawatts.
Source: Welland Tribune (

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