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County College of Morris (New Jersey, U.S.) Putting Solar Panels Over Parking Lots and Student Community Centre

CCM Installing Solar Panels Over Parking Lots

Saving energy and money without impacting available parking.

There is a new tide of green energy savings moving through Morris County.  The “Morris Model,” which is a plan to reduce energy costs by installing solar panels at facilities throughout Morris County, is now landing at County College of Morris (CCM).This month, CCM will begin installing solar panels over several of its parking lots to cut costs and energy.  The panels will be placed in Parking Lots 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Rooftop units also will be placed on the college’s Student Community Center.
The panels are expected to generate 3,900,000 kWh annually, which represents about 45 percent of the college’s yearly energy usage. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average residential home in the United States uses 11,496 kWh of electricity yearly, meaning the electricity to be generated by the CCM photovoltaic system equates to powering 340 homes a year.
A number of trees on campus will need to be taken down to accommodate the project. However, for every one tree that is removed, the college will replace it with two trees that are more ornamental and decorative, such as flowering cherry and pear trees.
The project is expected to last three to four months and to be completed before the Fall Semester begins.  There will be no loss of parking spaces on the campus as a result of the solar installation.
Source: Morris Patch 

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