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Manitoba Paddling Association Receives $20,000 from the Provincial Government to Install a 10 kW Wind Turbine

Community projects get boost

By Staff

Posted 11 hours ago
There are three projects in the area that will be receiving provincial grant monies.

On May 11 the province announced the designation of funds to more than 270 non-profits community groups from all over Manitoba. Monies are being given specifically to projects that upgrade local recreational, wellness or cultural facilities, reads a release from the province.

This year’s projects include facilities such as museums, playgrounds, child-care centres, libraries as well as community halls.

“The projects involve critical repairs, roof replacements, fresh-air ventilation, fire-safety upgrades, energy-efficiency improvements and disability access upgrades,” said housing and community development minister Kerri Irvin-Ross.

The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls was designated $40,000 to renovate the Pine Falls Recreation Facility. Around $3,900 was awarded to the Pinawa Players for stage lighting upgrades. The province awarded the Manitoba Paddling Association in Selkirk with $20,000 to install a 10-kilowatt Xzeres wind-power electric turbine as well.

This year the province will award more than $3.5 million to aid in about $46 million community-based construction projects, reads the province’s release – either upgrading facilities or building new ones.

Source: Selkirk Journal 

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