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Plans Submitted For UK’s Largest Community-Owned Wind Farm

Community energy scheme could become a template for similar projects

Community energy scheme could become a template for similar projects

Plans Submitted For UK’s Largest Community Wind Farm Scheme
by Click Green Staff, Tue May 8th
A planning application for the UK’s largest community-owned wind farm has been submitted to authorities in Derbyshire.

The project, which has been put together by Roseland Community Energy Trust, over the past three years, aims to benefit the local community in the Bolsover area of Derbyshire and Ashfield and Mansfield areas of Nottinghamshire, through income generated by six wind turbines on a 450 acre site leased from The Chatsworth Estate.

If planning permission is granted, the Roseland site will be the largest wholly community-owned facility of its type in the UK.

It has been estimated that a minimum of £750,000 would be delivered back in to the community each year via two local organisations – LEO – a local enterprise organisation supporting young businesses, and Community Voluntary Partners (CVP) – a community-based local charity which supports voluntary and community groups and activities in Bolsover.

The planning application is likely to be considered by Bolsover District Council before the end of the year, and, if permission is granted, Roseland would be ready to start constructing the turbines early next year, and generating power, and income, before the end of next year.

Roseland Community Energy Trust’s John Hudson, commented: “We are very excited about the huge positive impact a wind farm like this would have on the local community in general. We know many community-based groups and organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to source adequate funding and strongly believe that income from the proposed wind farm could prove a lifeline for them.

“We also anticipate, if successful, The Roseland Community Energy Trust model, could become a template for this type of community initiative and inspire similar projects throughout the UK.”

Source: Click Green 

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