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Student-led Solar Project Powering San Diego State University’s Busiest Facility

San Diego State University Powering Busiest Facility with Solar
Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 4:58 PM
By GetSolar Staff.

San Diego State University recently started providing power to one of its busiest student facilities with solar energy. The university is now supplying solar power for the Aztec Recreation Center, which is managed by the SDSU student government.

The solar energy added to the facility is the newest component of student-initiated sustainability efforts on the campus, and the building now houses the second largest solar array on the campus.

The new solar installation on the building was funded by a student-introduced referendum the student body passed in the spring of 2008 to supply the campus with significant upgrades to campus facilities.

“This project represents the student led initiative for sustainability on campus,” said Morgan Chan, Sustainability Commissioner of Associated Students.”Sustainability is important to the students, the size of this project and the great savings we will have because of the new solar array really stands out to people within the Associated Students and the larger university community as well.”

The solar project will reduce the equivalent of 11 million pounds of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment over the next 20 years. Sullivan Solar Power designed and installed the 250,115-watt solar photovoltaic installation with American-made Sharp solar panels.

The solar system will also lower the costs of the student government, called Associated Students, keeping membership fees low and assisting the organization and university in achieving sustainability goals that they set.

“This is the sixth solar project we have done for Associated Students and it is great to see that there is such a strong commitment coming from SDSU’s student leadership,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. “During an era of budget cuts and furlough days in higher education, it is reassuring that the Aztecs are setting a national example and doing their part to save students money.”

Visitors who enter the facility can watch live production of the solar power system on a screen, and student leaders are proud of the California solar installation, saying it is a legacy that can benefit future generations of students.

Southern California is not the only part of the state to see educational institutions embracing solar power. In the San Francisco area, Mount Diablo Unified School District also recently installed solar panels, which will save $220 million over 30 years.

Source: Get Solar 

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