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Peace Energy Cooperative Receives Prestigious CanWEA Award For Leadership

Peace Energy Cooperative receives
 prestigious wind energy award
canwea-conf11-AwardGrLeadership-IMG 4526
DAWSON CREEK, BC: Peace Energy – A Renewable Energy Cooperative was honored as this year’s recipient of the Group Leadership Award presented by CanWEA, The Canadian Wind Energy Association at their 27th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver.
First awarded in 2001, this award recognizes the government, corporation or organization that has contributed to the advancement of wind energy in Canada. The recipient, Peace Energy Cooperative and its Directors were recognized for their ability to recognize, develop, and promote the tremendous opportunities that exist for British Columbians in renewable energy sources.
About Peace Energy Cooperative: Peace Energy Cooperative was incorporated in 2003 after some like minded community members conceived the idea of a Renewable Energy Cooperative. They are passionately committed to providing their members the opportunity to participate in, and profit from, investment in renewable energy developments. They also act to educate the community – its citizens, children, business people, and politicians – on renewable energy technologies; and take great pride in reducing their local impact on global warming. Best known for starting the development of the Bear Mountain Wind Park project, officially commissioned in October 2009, they established the first utility- scale wind development in British Columbia. At 102 megawatts peak output, it produces enough pollution-free electricity to run 35,000 homes, roughly the population of BC’s South Peace region.
About Wind Energy in British Columbia: British Columbia can satisfy 17 per cent if its projected electricity demand with clean, affordable wind energy by the year 2025, according to a report released by the CanWEA titled – WindVision 2025: A Strategy for British Columbia. With six new projects coming on-line, BC’s installed wind energy capacity is expected to reach 784 MW by 2014. It currently rates 6th provincially at 248MW.
Source: Peace Energy Cooperative (

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