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Italian Village Varese Ligure Towards 100% Renewable Energy

Varese Ligure towards 100% renewable energy, Italy

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The small rural village of Varese Ligure with its 2400 inhabitants was the first local authority in Liguria to install two 0.75 MW wind power generators. Varese is a small rural local authority in the region of Liguria, in Italy. 95% of the land of the rural local authority has not been built on and is covered by forests.
A decade ago, Varese Ligure found itself in difficulties due to a weakening economy, declining settlements and people moving away. This prompted the mayor to try to do something to reverse the trend and revitalize the local authority by investing in its main resources within the framework of sustainable development.
The investment in renovation of the urban centre, in organic farming and renewable energies boosted the environmental quality of the village, which eventually allowed it to become the first ISO 14001 certified Italian local authority in October, 1999 and the first European EMAS-registered local authority in November 1999. All these actions have resulted in important synergies that support each other towards the final aim of being 100% renewable and 100% organic.
This is one of a number of case studies on Green Procurement available on the Procura+ website
Source: European Commission (

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