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Ben Ainslie unveils first community renewables project funded by PURE using donations from British Airways’ passengers

Ben Ainslie unveils first community renewables project funded by PURE using donations from British Airways’ passengers


Team GB athlete Ben Ainslie has unveiled the first project to be funded by carbon reduction charity PURE the Clean Planet Trust using donations from British Airways passengers to BA’s One Destination Carbon Fund.  The donations paid for the installation of solar PV panels on the Osprey Leisure Centre in Portland, Weymouth, close to the National Sailing Academy.

Osprey Leisure Centre is an ex-Navy building which was taken over by South Dorset Community Sports Trust in 2007 to provide recreation and sports facilities for the local community.  The project received funding to erect a 10kWp array of PV panels to help it both reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make money from the generation of renewable energy. 
According to Nigel Williams, Osprey General Manager, at current energy prices, the panels will generate around £125,000 of energy savings and feed-in tariff payments over the next 25 years. 
Mr. Williams said: ‘When we opened in 2007, around a third of income went straight out of the door again to pay utility bills.  We initially worked with an independent energy auditor to identify energy efficiency savings and reduce energy demand, then received funding through PURE to install the solar panels, further reducing our energy demand from the grid and allowing the centre to benefit from regular Feed-in Tariff payments.  This will reduce running costs and help us to maintain facilities for all.‘
Launched last September, the One Destination Carbon Fund is a voluntary scheme aimed at British Airways passengers.  Every passenger booking a flight through is given the opportunity to donate to the One Destination Carbon Fund.  Each quarter 100% of the donations are gifted to PURE who provide low interest loans to eligible community organisations to install renewable energy technologies that would be difficult for them to finance themselves.  
Robert Rabinowitz, PURE’s Company Secretary, ‘Projects like Osprey are a great example of how companies, communities and individuals can work together to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions while generating new revenues to support the crucial work of local community organisations like Osprey.  And, since Osprey will use a portion of the feed-in tariff payments to repay some of the funding, we will be recycling this money in the coming months to help other communities, making passenger donations work harder.”
The carbon reductions achieved by all community renewable projects receiving support from the One Destination Carbon Fund will be calculated using the UK Carbon Reduction Framework, which was developed by BRE in collaboration with British Airways, Forum for the Future and Deloitte- – which enables PURE to measure the carbon savings and other associated benefits from these projects and ensure that they are consistently reported.’

PURE Trust
PURE the Clean Planet Trust (charity no: 1112249) is a carbon reduction charity launched in 2006 by the Climate Change Minister, Ian Pearson. PURE funds community renewable energy projects across the UK and in the developing world.
PURE the Clean Planet Trust:
  • has offset over 150,000 tonnes of emissions from UN and Gold Standard certified international carbon reduction projects
  • has helped finance 35 community renewable energy projects in the UK through a combination of grants and loans.
  • is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board
  • received top marks (15 out of 15 stars) from Which? in a survey of carbon offset providers
The UKCRF is an independent framework established to promote best practice in the quantification of carbon savings from UK projects and reporting of associated social benefits.   It has a steering group that includes representatives from BRE, British Airways, Deloitte, Forum for the Future, Barclaycard and Sustain.  Currently four types of carbon reduction project are covered; renewable energy, domestic refurbishment, schools refurbishment and woodland creation.  All UK projects PURE and the One Destination Carbon Fund supports use the CRF. UK based carbon reduction projects cannot generate a carbon credit so this approach is not claimed as a carbon offset. The approach recommended by the UK Government in communicating support for such UK projects is to take a narrative approach discussing the anticipated lifetime carbon savings and additional project qualities. These projects are making real and quantifiable carbon savings that are counted towards the UK’s overall carbon reduction target.
One Destination Carbon Fund:
One Destination is British Airways’ social responsibility programme.  The One Destination Carbon Fund was set up to channel donations from British Airways passengers directly to community renewable energy projects across the UK.

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