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India To Support and Fund Community Green Projects

State to support, fund community green projects

MUMBAI: The state government will support and fund small-scale development projects that aim to spread environmental awareness and conserve resources effectively by citizens’ groups, residents’ associations and individuals. 

The funding will be done under the Green Ideas scheme and will depend on the nature of projects proposed by citizens’ groups or individuals. Proposals for eco-friendly festivals, saving water, waste management, biodiversity, energy conservation and coastal conservation with community participation will be taken up. 

“Projects on conservation, groundwater recharge, waste management, improvement of local environment with community participation, eco-village, sustainable livelihood for natural resource-dependent communities and energy conservation will also be considered,” said a senior official from the environment department. 

Citizens must demonstrate an idea which is a new approach, involving the community or self-help groups. Street plays, short films, awareness camps and tree plantation proposals will not be considered. “The social innovators should have the capacity to implement the idea and the idea should have the potential to continue beyond government funding,” added the official. 

Most citizens’ groups have welcomed the move but are skeptical about its implementation. “Any initiative taken by the government in involving the community for preservation of the environment is welcome. However, involvement must be in the true spirit of partnership from both sides,” said Indrani Malkani, secretary, Little Gibbs Road 1,2 and 3. 

Ashok Ravat, member, Shivaji Park ALM, said that the state government should not just fund projects, but should give incentives, by way of some concessions in property taxes, if a building helps conserve water or harvests rainwater or aims for zero garbage.

Source: Times of India (

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