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Wood Pellet Boiler Heats Community Hall and Sets An Example to Others in Ayrshire, Scotland

Ayrshire – Wood pellet boiler system a success for Barrhill Hall


Wednesday 21 March 2012
As winter turns to spring, it is a good time to look at how the community of Barrhill, in South Ayrshire, has got on with its new wood pellet heating system.  The new system for their community hall was commissioned in April 2011.  Barrhill is 16 miles from Girvan, and the train from Glasgow takes about an hour and three quarters to reach Barrhill, en route for Stranraer.
Dave at Barrhill Memorial HallDave Holtom of Barrhill Memorial Hall Community Association said ‘Our new wood pellet boiler has performed well over the winter period.  After a detailed study of the building and its heating requirement, we decided we should install a wood pellet boiler.  Users of the hall have noticed a real difference in the comfort levels.
Lesley Fisher, Community Energy Scotland’s local officer in Ayrshire commented ‘Barrhill Memorial Hall serves a village and farming community that surrounds it.  There is no mains gas in the village and electric heating had proved ineffective and costly. Local residents were keen to use renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the hall and the costs.’
The boiler was a 25kilowatt Windhager Biowin installed by Glendevon Energy.  Barrhill Hall Committee used a local contractor to install a new wet radiator system too.  Dave Holtom stated ‘The new radiators make the system more controllable and pre-heating the hall before use is now possible.  That really makes a difference to users, whether it is the children from the school or a meeting of the more senior citizens in our community.   The cost of heating the hall now is just a fraction of  what it used to be with electric heating and by having a large storage facility of up to 10 tonnes for wood pellets, we are able to negotiate a good price and reduce costs even further.’
Lesley Fisher said ‘A number of local people and neighbouring communities have visited the hall to see the new boiler in operation.  It is leading to increased interest in wood pellets as an alternative to oil, LPG or electricity for heating rural buildings.’   
Source: Community Energy Scotland (

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