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Windham High School in Maine, U.S. to receive wind, solar system

Windham High School to receive wind, solar system

WINDHAM — A wind and solar powered energy system, three years in the development, is coming to Windham High School this spring.
Students will use information gathered from the system in their science and math classes.
The experimental system also will allow officials to learn whether a larger renewable energy system can be installed at the school to offset energy costs.
“We are very excited to finally get to the part of the project that will begin to impact our kids,” said Alan Carpenter, chairman of the Windham Initiative Renewable Energy.
WIRE has been working on the project, which is privately funded, for three years.
An anonymous donor offered to match individual contributions up to a maximum of $20,000. Windham Endowment for Community Advancement led fundraising efforts.
The total cost is in the mid$50,000 range, according to David Hutchings, a Windham High junior who pushed the project.
“I am incredibly grateful to all of the people that put an enormous amount of time
for and work into this project,” he said.
Carpenter credits Hutchings for the idea and said he was the one to bring it to the School Board.
“He’s a great kid,” Carpenter said.
Windham High physics teacher Patrick Kaplo said Hutchings’ idea led to involvement by other students, their parents and interested residents.
“This shows how things get done in a community,” Kaplo said.
The concept grew out of a FIRST Lego League project, Hutchings said.
“I followed
and presented it to more people,” he said. “I thought it was a good idea.”
Students will learn from it, he said.
“It’s educating the future,” he said.
Hutchings, son of David and Michele Hutchings, may pursue studies in engineering or renewable energy, although he’s also interested in business and psychology.
Brown University is among the colleges he is considering.
School and town officials have approved the project.
Wind Guys USA of Rye Beach and Revision Energy of Exeter are installing the system.
The Skystream system includes a 2.4 kilowatt, 12-foot diameter wind turbine mounted on a 45-foot tower, plus a dozen 240-watt photo voltaic panels.
WIRE hopes the project will benefit students preparing for careers in the energy field.
Kaplo thinks so. He said students will get hands-on experience in seeing how the system operates, but also learn from analyzing how weather and other variables affect energy production.

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