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The Community Power Report: What Happened in February?

The Community Power Report is still a baby at 3 weeks old. I made a decision not to include articles that were published prior to February 2012 in order to demonstrate how active the community power sector currently is across the world. So news featured on our brand new website are also brand new. Just take a look at what these news tell us:   
Community Power is Global: 34 articles featured on the CP Report during February are from all four corners of the world; from different provinces of Canada to the U.K., to Israel, South Africa, United States, India, and many other countries and jurisdictions. These projects are being implemented in places that differ greatly in their economic, social and political backgrounds. 
Community Power is Diverse: Projects implemented by community groups in these countries are also very diverse in their;
  • technologies used: wind, solar ground, rooftop solar, biomass, waterpower
  • ownership models: co-operatives, community not-for-profit organizations, hospital foundations, local governments, and joint ventures between community groups and commercial developers, local utilities, and municipalities.  
  • geographic locations: rural and urban
Community Power Works: These projects are generating (or will generate) clean energy for these communities, bringing people together, creating temporary and permanent jobs, revitalizing local economies, and in many cases supporting other community-based organizations within and outside of the community power realm.
Community Power is Not Limited to Generation: Clean energy generation is not the only way for community groups to be involved in the renewable energy sector. We have also seen that community groups are establishing their own ESCOs (Energy Service Companies), electric utilities, and co-operatives and funds to meet their own immediate needs, promoting conservation, and to support other community power projects.  
Community Power is Supported: The community power family is growing all across the world, through support organizations, new grant schemes, feed-in-tarriffs, efforts of community groups and numerous events and conferences that enable co-operation, inform the public and help spread the word.
Without a doubt, there are numerous factors that pose threats to the future of community power, such as political uncertainty (as seen in the FIT review process in Ontario), great economic and political interests tied to traditional forms of generation, lack of awareness regarding community power, difficulties faced by community groups in access to financing, and numerous other factors depending on the social, economic and political climates of different geographies. However, these factors can only be overcome through sharing our success stories, learning from our experiences, co-operating on a global scale and proving day after day that another way of generating, consuming and living is possible.
The CP Report is looking forward to cover many more stories and help spread the word about this growing global family. 
Mümtaz Derya Tarhan
Founder, The CP Report 

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