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Community hydro-electric project in Yorkshire (UK) surges ahead

Community hydro-electric project in Yorkshire surges ahead
February 8, 2012
Energy Efficiency News

A community-led project to install a hydro-electric turbine in the River Esk near 
Whitby in Yorkshire has appointed local company JN Bentley to design and deploy the system. Esk Energy, which is running the scheme, has given the company a £450,000 contract to design and install the 2.9 m diameter, 50 kW Archimedes screw.

Once in place at Ruswarp, the single Archimedes screw will generate nearly 200,000kWh of electricity a year. The system will send more than 4 tonnes of water down the Archimedean screw every second, forcing it to rotate. The rotation of the screw in turn drives generators, which produce electricity.
The turbine could be in place as soon as April and start generating this summer. Any income generated by the project through feed-in tariffs will be re-invested in local renewable projects, as well as green apprenticeships and educational programmes.
“After four years of planning, obtaining permissions and fundraising, the final design stage has now commenced,” says chair of the Esk Valley Community Energy Group Colin Mather.
As well as support from the local community, which can buy shares in the scheme from as little as £250 up to £20,000, the project is being backed by The Co-operative Enterprise Hub, North York Moors National Park Authority, North Yorkshire County Council, CO2Sense, Key Fund and Naturesave.
Source: Energy Efficiency News (

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